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radiators amplifier

Radiator Amplifier NanoZ

  • Increase the heat output of your passive panel radiator with this radiator amplifier.
    When your radiator heats up, the radiator booster will automatically switch on with its quiet ECO fans and boosted by the additional air circulation
    the heating capacity of the radiator by more than 50%.
    Especially suitable for:
    - undersized radiators
    - to warm the apartment faster
    - concealed radiators
    - keeps the radiator clean from the inside (no dust, spiders, etc.)
    - very cold periods when the heating power of the normal radiator is insufficient

    Now NEW with adjustable electronic ECO thermostat of approx. 20 ° C - 50 ° C!
    Standby consumption only 0.15 watts (annual heating period (6 months) Standby consumption = 0.65 kWh corresponds to about 17 cents at 0.26 cents per kWh)

    Easy to install with infinitely adjustable magnetic holder for radiator widths from 35 mm to 124 mm.
    Air performance, noise level and power consumption can be reduced with the ECO adjustable power supply.
    Tilt selector switch on radiator amplifier: off / on / thermostat controlled.
    Conducted power connection for further radiator amplifiers.
    Painted in radiator color RAL 9016
    Handmade in Germany.

    Technical specifications:
    Size width / length = 425 mm, depth = 88 mm, height = 40 mm
    Air circulation: up to 100 cubic meters per hour
    Noise level: maximum 26 dB (A)
    Power consumption: maximum 2.55 W / standby = 0.15 W

    Weight (without power supply): 450 g
    Switch-on temperature thermostat: adjustable from approx. 20 ° C - 50 ° C

    Also available with 4,5,7 or 9 fans

    - Radiator amplifier
    - Temperature sensor with magnetic attachment (cable length approx. 500 mm)
    - Operation manual
    - Eco power supply 7.2 W (for a maximum of 9 fans, for example, 1 x 5-fold + 1 x 4-fold)